Yala National Park Travel Guide

Yala National Park Tourism

Yala National Park Tourism

About Yala National Park

Yala National Park is second largest wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka and the most popular one among tourists. Yala National Park, located 309 km south of Colombo, is approximately 1,259 sq.km. in size, located in the south eastern corner of Sri Lanka island.

Yala National park is famous among tourists for the variety of wild animals, especially the numerous Sri Lankan elephants. The variety of ecosysterms in Yala National Park vary from moist monsoon forests to marine wetlands and sandy beaches. Yala National park is home to wide variety of birds including some endemic species. Travellers can also find small and large herds of spoted Deer, Sambhur, and for those who are sharp eyed to observe, many of the endemoc Muntjac or Barking Deer. Monkeys – the pinkish Rhesus and the grey faced Langur Monkey, live and play on the tree-tops and the ground below in Yala National Park. Tourists can also find glimpse of wild Buffalo and wild Boar along with lucky sight of a leopard sunning itself or drinking at a water hole. Yala National Park also provides the mating dance of the male peacock with its colourful plumes fully spread that are photographer’s delight. Yala National park is also famous among tourists for its high concentration of leopards.

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