Wilpattu National Park Travel Guide

Wilpattu National Park Tourism

Wilpattu National Park Tourism

About Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu national park is Sri Lanka’s largest national park, spread in an area of approx. 1900 sq.km. The naional park is a very beautiful with plenty of lakes and tanks that are full of water in monsoon with plenty of birds and animals around the lakes. Wilpattu national park has a dense jungle cover which makes it a more exciting park where animals have to be tracked.

Travellers can find variety of animals in Wilpattu national park, and is renowned among tourists for the high number of leopards, sloth bear and elephants in the park. Other wildlife attractions for tourists in Wilpattu are crocodiles. monitor lizards, cobra, water buffalo, Sambhur and spotted dear.

Wilpattu national park is located about 180 km north of Colombo, and 30 km from Anuradhapura. The best places for tourists to stay is Anuradhapura.

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