Sri Lanka – Wildlife Tourism Guide

Though Sri Lanka is very small in land area, the great diversity in habitats, harbors are a rich and diverse fauna and flora, with many species endemic to the island. The jungles of Sri Lanka abound in a variety of wildlife, which is surprising for an island of its size in the tropics. From ancient days the elephants and peacock from the Sri Lankan jungles were prize exports to the Kingdoms of East and West, and are still a major attraction for tourists.

One of the prized tourist attraction of Sri Lanka is Pinnewala Elephant orphanage, which was established as an elephant orphanage in 1975.

Yala National Park is the most popular among tourists with various wildlife attractions including the Sri Lanka elephants, Deer, Sambhur, and others.

Sinharaja forest reserve is the last extensive stretch of virgin forest in Sri Lanka, which is an ecological treasure trove with wide array of flora and fauna.

Wilpattu national park is located 176 km from Colombo, and provides a beautiful experience to travellers with its dense green forests and numerous lakes.

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