Sri Lanka Shopping

Tourists can enjoy various forms of shopping in Sri Lanka. Tourists can choose from the availability of handicrafts or sweet fruits from a traditional village store or from the wide range of export quality clothes.

Visit a handicraft shop and familiarize yourself with traditional designs such as makara(a mythical animal, lion, swan, elephant and lotus) which are most evident in brasswork (boxes, trays, lanterns, vases) and silverware (ornately carved and filigree jewellery, tea-sets) that make excellent souvenirs. In addition, ritual masks, lacquer ware, batik and handloom textiles, lace, and wood carvings are popular.

Sri Lanka also has the widest variety of precious stones among the world’s gem producing countries  –  blue sapphires,  star sapphires,  rubies,  cat’s eye,  garnets, moonstones,  aquamarines and  topazes being just a dazzling handful. Further, Sri Lanka is known for jewellery-making, so tourists can bring your gems to life.

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