Sri Lanka – Heritage Travel Guide

Sri Lanka is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage tourism sites with six cultural sites that have close to 2000 years of recorded history and a natural site boasting high biological diversity. These heritage tourist sites boast ancient rock cut monuments, palaces and forts, and huge buddhist temples and dagobas. These heritage sites are a mark of the history of Sri Lanka that include the introduction of Buddhism, and the repeated invasions of the Island by Portugese, Dutch and English.

Anuradhapura is a sacred city that is home to numerous ancient archaeological treasures in Sri Lanka including huge dagobas and temples.

Sigiriya is one of the most important heritage site for tourists that consists 200 m high rock with rock cut palaces at the top and gardens around the rock.

Polonnaruwa (142 km from Colombo) is Sri Lanka’s second ancient capital with several monuments, that though in ruins, still give a living experience of the grandeur and marvel of this ancient city.

Kandy (116 km from Colombo) is nestled amidst lush mountains in north Sri Lanka, which is home to sacred relic of tooth of Lord Buddha.

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