Second Cave – Dambulla

reclining-buddha-statue-dambulla-cave-templeSecond and the largest cave of Dambulla cave complex, called Maharaja Lena or ‘Cave of the Great Kings’, houses largest statues of King Vattagamani and King Nissanka Mala. Among dozens of sitting, standing and lying Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas there are also some Hindu gods, of whom Vishnu can always be identified by his blue color.

These are the finest Buddhist murals in Sri Lanka. Walls of the rock are painted with the glorious historical events of Sri Lanka. The statue of the Buddha hewn out of the rock on the left side of the room is flanked by wooden figures of the Bodhisattvas, Maitreya to the left & Avalokiteshvara or Natha to the right. Tourists will also find a mini dagoba here.

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