How to Reach Matara

Matara Tourism

Matara Tourism

Reach Matara by Air: Nearest Airport is Bhandarnayake International Airport, Colombo (163 kms from Matara). The distance from Colombo to Kalutara town is 43 km, so it will take about an hour or little more by car or taxi.

Reach Matara by Train: Matara is 160 km from Colombo and limited numbers of trains run between the two cities. Matara is the terminus of Sri Lanka’s coastal railway line. Tourists will get any amazing view on this rail route along southern coastal line of Sri Lanka.

Matara Trains

Reach Matara by Road: Matara can be reached through a 4 hour bus ride from Colombo through A2 highway. Buses run from Colombo to Matara every 4 hours. The bus ride is also very enjoyable for the tourists as the buses run along the coastal sea beach from Colombo to Matara. Being a major commercial city the transport system connecting Matara with other cities is well established.

Distances of Matara from major cities

Travel within Matara: The best means of transport for travellers in Matara is a 3 wheeler. Internet facilities are also available in plenty in Matara.

Shopping in Matara: As Matara is a fully fledged city, there are ample numbers of outlets to handle tourist’s requirements.

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