How to Reach Galle

Galle Tourism

Galle Tourism

Reach Galle by Air: Tourists can take a bus or taxi to travel to Galle from Bhandarnaike Airport, which is the nearest airport to Galle.

Reach Galle by Train: Trains operate on a regular timetable to Colombo in the North or Matara to the South. Galle is a railway station that lies on the route from Colombo to Matara. There are actually about 10 trains that leave Colombo Fort on a regular basis and which travel to Galle in 2.5 hours.

Galle Trains

Reach Galle by Sea: Galle is an international sea port with passenger vessels ferrying to and from various important ports across the world.

Reach Galle by Road: There are a number of CTB and private buses plying the coastal highway route. These buses leave every 15 minutes and take 3 hours to go from Colombo to Galle (fare about Rs 60).

Although to travel by road, it is better for tourists to hire a licensed vehicle with driver for the day or taking a local Taxi or Tuk-Tuk for shorter local journeys.

Distances of Galle from major cities

Best Time to Visit Galle: The best time to tour is November to April. This time is also considered the tourist season in Sri Lanka.

Shopping in Galle: Galle is a perfect mix of Sri Lanka’s historical past combined with a busy market town and its colorful markets. It is worth visiting some of the many antique shops in Galle, such as the beautifully restored furniture from the Dutch and British periods.

The best things to shop for in this city are jewelry and gems for which it is well known.

The village of Magalle, a suburb of Galle, is significant to the gem and jewel industry because it was home to goldsmiths, lapidaries and jewelers, from where the latest in fine jewelry and the beautiful gemstones can be purchased at a bargain.

Local artistry and paintings are available along Pedlar Street. Galle is also known for Lace and antiques. Brussels and the more contemporary Honiton type lace are available on the stalls located along the main road while antiques are available along Leyn Baan Street. Travellers can also find “Designer” handicrafts shops, offering quality products that are located in the Fort. Small stalls and shops along Galle’s main street are cheaper than others.

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