How to Reach Dambulla

Dambulla Tourism

Dambulla Tourism

Reach Dambulla by Air: Flights are available up to Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayaka, from where tourists can travel to Dambulla by bus or a hired car.

Reach Dambulla by Water: Sri Lanka boasts of having three deep-water ports. They are located at Galle, Colombo and Trincomalee. Kankesanturai is another harbor in Sri Lanka. After reaching any of these locations, visitors can travel to Dambulla either by bus or a hired car.

Reach Dambulla by Train: Dambulla is approximately 45 kilometers from Gal Oya junction on the Eastern Railway Line and also at the same distance from Matale on the Main Line. After reaching there, tourists can travel to Dambulla either by bus or a hired car.

Reach Dambulla by Road: Dambulla has an impressive network of roads that is well-connected to all the major Sri Lankan cities. This makes travel in Dambulla as well as to Dambulla very easy for travellers. Since Dambulla is relatively close to Colombo, Sri Lanka, it is best to hire a private car in Colombo or in Kandy for safe travel to Dambulla.

Well trained drivers are available for hire in Colombo, who has complete knowledge of the cultural sites and local history of Sri Lanka. If traveling by bus from Colombo, the journey would last for 4 hours and buses can be taken from Central Bus Stand, which is located in close proximity to the train station.

Distances of Dambulla from major cities

Best Time to Visit Dambulla: Dambulla’s climate is fairly temperate throughout the year, without extreme variations. Tourists shall only avoid the monsoons during the period May-August or October-January, as this is the time for heavy rain.

Shopping in Dambulla: Dambulla is now an extensive and modern market town, a commercial hub of Sri Lanka’s North Central Province. The streets are full of shops displaying bicycles by the dozen, a bewildering array of agricultural implements, household utensils, and much more.

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