Archaeological Museum

Archaeological museum of Wellawaya doesn’t have much to attract a tourists except some stone and terracotta artifacts from area around Buduruwagala.


Buduruwagala, located about 5 km from Wellawaya, is known among tourists for its rock cut Buddha figures. The Buddha figures in Buduruwagala are believed to be dating back to 10th century, belonging to Mahayana period. The main tourist attraction in Buduruwagala is the giant statue of Lord Buddha that is of the height of 15 m.

Travellers will find 7 rock cut figures with 3 on each side of the main Buddha statue. The rock cut figures on the right are believed to be that of Avalokitesvara, Tara, Prince Sudhana and on the left to be that of Maitreya, Vajrapani, and Sahampath Brahma.