Tissa Wewa Reservoir

Tissa Wewa is a beautiful man made reservoir built by king Kavantissa in 2nd Century BC. Tourists will find a memorable scenic view at Tissa Wewa with plenty of aquatic birds flying across the waters.

Tissa Maha Dagoba

Tissa Maha Dagoba is the main tourist attraction of Tissamaharama, which is one of the 16 most sacred sites for Buddhist in Sri Lanka. Tissa Maha Dagoba is 165m in circumfrence and 55.8m high, and holds the sacred tooth relic and bone relic of Lord Buddha. Tissa Maha Dagoba was built by king Kavantissa in 3rd century BC.

Yatala Dagoba

Yatala Dagoba is another beautiful dagoba in Tissamaharama that was built by king Yatalatissa in 18th century. The wall of Yatala Dagoba has sculptures of elephant head and moat.

Santagiri Dagoba

Santagiri Dagoba is another magnificent monument in Tissamaharama that is 55m in height and 165m in circumfrence. Santagiri Dagoba, built by king Mahanaga in 3rd century BC and houses the forehead relic of Lord Buddha.