Wevurukannala Buddha Statue

Wevurukannala Buddha Statue is located in a small town called Dikwella located near Tangalla. Tourists can also enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding areas from the top of the high Buddha statue.


Mulkirigala is famous among Buddhist tourists for its ancient monastery that is located on high rocky hillock. Travellers will find the ancient caves in Mulkirigala with mural paintings very interesting. Mulkirigala, located 20 km from Tangalla also has a library that is housed in a cave.

Tangalla Beaches

morning_view_of_tangalla_beach_sri_lankaTop tourist attractions are the beaches in the small villages around Tangalla including Medilla, Goyambokke, Pallikaduwe, Mawella, Kudawella, and Seenimodera. Travellers can enjoy swimming, sun bathing, snorkelling and surfing in these villages.