Ancient Fort and Palace

One of the major tourist attractions of Sigiriya is the ancient castle built by King Kasyapa in 5th century AD. The Sigiriya site has remains of upper palace located at the flat top of the rock, a mid-level terrace that includes a Lion gate and the mirror wall with its frescoes. More


The paintings on the rock walls of the caves of Sigiriya are classified to Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. These Sigiriya rock frescos were once covering area of 140 meters by 40 meters; however, many of them were removed when the palace became a monastery to avoid distraction during meditation. More

The Mirror Wall

The Mirror wall is known with this name because of the high polish on the Sigiriya rock that enabled the king to see himself while walking alongside it. More

Gardens of Sigiriya

The gardens of Sigiriya that are one of the oldest gardens in Sri Lanka and world are divided into 3 distinct forms: water gardens, Cave and boulder gardens, and terraced gardens. The water gardens lie on the western precinct of Sigiriya, with water pavilions, pools, cisterns, courtyard, conduits and water courses. More

Lion Platform

At the northern end of the Sigiriya rock, the pathway emerges to Lion platform, where there was once a gigantic brick lion sat at the end of the rock. More

Sigiriya Museum

Sigiriya Museum is an archaeological museum that showcases nearly 3 decades of archaeological research at Sigiriya and surrounding area for travellers visiting Sigiriya, Sri Lanka. More

Pidurangala Rock Temple

Pidurangala was a rock shelter monastery established during 3rd century BC, which stands similar to Sigiriya rock. Pidurangala rock dominates the landscape with its distinct silhouette. At the base of the rock is the contemporary temple, whose image-house is actually an ancient rock shelter. More

Pahala Talkote Vava

Pahala Talkote Vava, located 3 km from Sigiriya, is a beautiful picnic spot that provides to travellers an amazing view of Sigiriya and Pidurangala. (Vava means man-made tanks in Sinhala). More

Halmilla Vava

Halmilla tank is a tiny tank near Pidurangala rock that provides a beautiful view to travellers of the two rocks side by side – Pidurangala and Sigiriya. More

Sigiriya Herbal Garden

Sigiriya Herbal Garden was built and opened in 1994 as an additional traveller attraction at the Sigiriya World Heritage Site. A visit to this site is recommended only in case tourists have interest in medicinal plants, and rare trees and plants. More