Negombo Fort

In Negombo town, there are remnants of the Dutch fort built in 1642. Negombo had been ruled by the Portugese in ancient times; they built a fort for guarding the lagoon.

Kelaniya Buddhist Temple

Kelaniya Buddhist Temple, located 20 km south of the town, is also a popular tourist’s attraction famous for its fine wall paintings.

Negombo Beaches

negombo-beach-3Beautiful beaches of Negombo are safe for bathing and water sports. Most hotels and private vendors provide equipment for water sports like diving and wind surfing. Night clubs are also found in the beach strip; one can eat, drink or dance in these night clubs, commonly called ‘Beach Side’.

Negombo Churches

st-marys-church-negomboMain attractions in Negombo are old church buildings and fisheries port. Due to its significant Catholic population, Negombo is dominated by shrines and picturesque churches. The biggest and impressive church built in 1874 is candy-colored St Mary’s, church which is famous for its amazing ceiling paintings.

Fishery Village

Situated in Pitipana at the north end of the town’s lagoon, Sri Lanka’s second-largest fish market known for its freshness is also a major tourist attraction of Negombo.

Muthurajawela Marsh

Muthurajawela Marsh, Negombo is a wonderful marshland spread over 6000 hectare land in Negombo. Located in the south of the town of Negombo is a distinctive wetland habitat which is home to 192 species of wildlife. Being the largest marsh in Sri Lanka based on ecosystem, Muthurajawela Marsh, Negombo is a place worth a visit.