Jaffna Fort

Star shaped Jaffna Fort, spread over an area of 22 hectare within city limits, is one of the main tourist attraction in Jaffna. This Dutch Fort was built in 1680 by the Dutch over an earlier Portuguese fort. More

Nagadeepa Temple

Nagadeepa, one of the small islands in the north of Jaffna peninsula, located at a distance of one hour journey from Jaffna town to the end of the road, is a very important to Buddhist travellers. To reach to Nagadeepa you need to resort to a boat ride and total distance boat + road is about 30 km. More

Delft Island Fort

Delft Fort, 35 km fom Jaffna, was built by Portugese, made of huge, beautiful chunks of the brain and fan coral. Delft Fort is in Neduntivu islet in Jaffna peninsula. The small Dutch fort is only a short walk from the ferry dock. Behind that is a beautiful beach with many exquisite shells. More

Kantarodai (Kadurugoda)

Kantarodai (Kadurugoda) is a mini Buddhist Stupa complex, situated in North of Jaffna at Kankesanturai road, about three km west of Chunnakam. At Kantarodai, there are nearly 100 curious miniature dagobas crammed into a tiny area of not much over a hectare – the largest is only about four meters in diameter. More

Nagapoosani Temple (Nainatheevu)

Nagapoosani Temple (Nainatheevu), built by the Nagas to worship the Serpent God, is a famous ancient temple of Jaffna, resided by a 5 headed cobra. More

Selva Sannithi Temple

Selva Sannithi Temple, famous tourist destination of Jaffna, is one of the well known shrines, popular among the people of various castes and sects. More

Nallur Temple

Nallur Temple in Jaffna is a Hindu temple, highly frequented by the Tamils tourists residing in this place. Main deity of the temple is Lord Murugan. A temple car festival is held here every year. Temple opens from 6:00 am to 5:00pm. Men will be required to remove their top clothing to enter. More

Kandaswamy Kovil Temple

Kandaswamy Kovil is situated on Point Pedro Rd in the Nallur district of the city. Architecture of the temple is based on the south Indian Dravidian style. The original Kandaswamy Kovil, torn down by the Portuguese, has been variously described as dating before 10th century. More

Beaches around the Peninsula

Popular tourist beaches in Jaffna include Kalmunai Point near Jaffna, Palm Beach on the north coast, Kasuarina Beach, and Chati Beach, among which the best known is tranquil Kasuarina on Karaitivu Island, where the water is very shallow. This is more popular and quite a large beach however still not up to the beauty level of other beautiful beaches. More

Clock Tower

The main attractive feature of the Clock Tower is its unique architecture, having a Moorish domed top which makes it look like it belongs somewhere in North Africa. More