Hikkaduwa Beach

hikkaduwa beachHikkaduwa has a beautiful beach, sandy and wide, that is ideal for chilling and resting of tourists. The waves at the beach are quite rough that makes it unsuitable for a dip, however, the beach is idle for surfing.

Tsunami Memorial

Tsunami memorial has been established in the memories of those who lost their lives in Tsunami. The disastrous power of the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka can be understood by looking at the condition of the train that was destroyed by the gigantic waves with a lot of casualties.

Coral Sanctuary

Coral Sanctuary is the main tourist attraction of Hikkaduwa. A lot of travelers come here for enjoying this Natural Beauty. The water over the reef is never more than 3 or 4 Meters. In this sanctuary, the coral is protected very well and is not torn like at other tourist places.

Turtle Farm

On the beach about 2 km north of Hikkaduwa is a small private turtle research center, which works to protect the endangered turtle species. Turtle eggs selected for hatching & progressive stages of the development of turtles can be seen here. Eggs are collected or bought from local villagers and buried in the sand hatchery. More