Dambulla Cave Complex

dambulla-cave-complex1Dambulla cave complex is the largest and best preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka which has highlighted Dambulla on the world tourist map. Besides the unbelievable craftsmanship, the temple has so much serenity, calmness and peace. The rock of Dambulla cave complex towers 160m over the surrounding plains and holds more than 80 documented caves. Major tourist attractions are spread over 5 caves, containing paintings and statues related to Lord Buddha and his life. Dambulla cave complex has 153 statues of Buddha, 3 statues of Sri Lankan kings and 4 statues of deities. More

First Cave – Dambulla

dambulla cave temple main entranceThe first cave of Dambulla cave complex named ‘Devaraja Viharaya’ or ‘Cave of the Divine King’ houses a 14 m long Buddha statue depicting the final extinction. First cave was carved out of solid rock.

Second Cave – Dambulla

reclining-buddha-statue-dambulla-cave-templeSecond and the largest cave of Dambulla cave complex, called Maharaja Lena or ‘Cave of the Great Kings’, houses largest statues of King Vattagamani and King Nissanka Mala. Among dozens of sitting, standing and lying Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas there are also some Hindu gods, of whom Vishnu can always be identified by his blue color. More

Third Cave – Dambulla

seated buddha with cobraThird cave of Dambulla Cave complex, Maha Alut Vihara or ‘Great New Monastery’ houses 50 statues of Buddha along with a statue of a king. Paintings on ceiling & walls of the cave are in Kandyan style which were made during the rule of King Kirti Sri Rajasinha (1747-1782), the famous Buddhist revivalist.

Fourth and Fifth Caves – Dambulla

dambulla cave complexThe fourth & fifth caves of Dambulla cave complex are smaller than the other caves. The fourth cave, dating from the first century BC, is the most beautiful.

Iron Wood Forest – Dambulla

The Iron Wood Forest in Dambulla was said to be a sanctuary for humans, supposed to be created by the 10th Century AD ruler, King Dappula. Also known as the Jathika Namal Uyana, the Ironwood Forest offers a fascinating trek through a deep jungle comprising of the Sri Lankan national tree, the Naa. More

Rose Quartz Mountain

The Rose Quartz Mountain is a mountain range, believed to be approximately 500 million years old. White rose and violet color quartz deposits can be seen here. More

Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium

Situated in the Central Province, close to Dambulla on a 60 acre site leased from the Rangiri Dambulla Temple, Rangiri Dambulla International Cricket Stadium is a 16,800 seat cricket stadium in Sri Lanka, built over looking the Dambulla Tank (reservoir) and the Dambulla Rock. More