Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery

turtle project bentotaKosgoda turtle hatchery is a local turtle watching project setup by the Turtle Conservation project and Sri Lanka Wildlife department. Tourists can find variety of turtle species coming here to hatch eggs and baby turtles in this turtle hatchery.

Galapatha Buddhist Temple

Galapatha Raja Maha Vihare Buddhist temple is a very old Buddhist temple (12th century) in Bentota with stone inscriptions, and stone carvings.

Water Sports

Bentota provides plenty of water sports opportunities to tourists including jet skiing, wind surfing, body surfing, para-sailing, water scooter etc.

Bentota Lagoon

Bentota gains its uniqueness and popularity among tourists as River Bentara that flows into the Indian ocean forms a lagoon on the end section of the beach. Travellers can enjoy plethora of water sports activities near this section.

Bentota Beach

ocean view from saman villas at bentota sri lankaBentota is among the most popular and prime beach resort on the south-western coastal belts of Sri Lanka. Bentota beach is a picturesque beach and liked by all kind of travellers for its palm fringed beaches surrounded by Bentota river and Bentota lagoon. More