Bodhi Tree

maha bodhi tree anuradhapuraTop tourist attraction of Anuradhapura, Sri Maha Bodhiya (Bodhi Tree) is a large and very old sacred Fig tree that is believed to be the oldest living tree in the world. Sanghamitta Theri brought the right branch of the Bodhi Tree (under which Buddha attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya) to Anuradhapura in 245 BC. More


lovamahapaya ruins anuradhapuraLovamahapaya, also known as the Brazen Palace or Lohaprasadaya, built by King Dutugemunu described as an edifice of nine storeys. As the roof of Lovamahapaya was covered with tiles made of bronze, this was known as the Brazen Palace of Anuradhapura. More


ruwanwelisaya anuradhapuraRuwanwelisaya, a popular tourist attraction, is a magnificent Stupa that is one of the world’s tallest monuments, with a height of 92 m and circumference of 292 m. Ruwanwelisaya dagoba of Anuradhapura is believed to have the perfect water bubble shape. More


Thuparamaya is a dagoba in Anuradhapura with the base diameter of 18m and 3.45m in height. Thuparamaya, located in the heart of Anuradhapura is considered to be the first dagoba built in Sri Lanka following the introduction of Buddhism. More

Abhayagiri Dagaba

jethawana buddhist dagoba anuradhapuraAbhayagiri Dagaba is the largest monastery complex in the Anuradhapura kingdom that is 108 m in height being one of the tallest buildings of ancient times. The campus of Abhayagiri Dagaba is spread around 200 hectares with full components of Buddhist temple and one of Sri Lanka’s finest Buddha sculpture – a Samadhi statue. More


isurumuniya_buddhaIsurumuniya is situated near Tisawewa and was built by King Devanampiyatissa to house 500 newly-ordained children of high caste. There is a viharaya in Isurumuniya connected to a cave and above is a cliff with a small stupa is built on it. More

Toluvila Statue

Toluvila statue is a seated image of the Buddha discovered in 1900 in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, that dates back to the 4th or 5th century. Carved out of granite, Toluvila statue is one of the best-preserved sculptures from Sri Lanka and is similar to the Samadhi statue of Anuradhapura. More

Samadhi Statue

Samadhi Statue is a statue situated at Mahamevuna Park in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Samadhi statue depicts  Buddha in the position of the Dhyana Mudra, the posture of meditation associated with Buddha’s first Enlightenment, also called Nirvana. More

Kuttam Pokuna

anuradhapura_kuttam-pokunaOne of the best specimen of bathing tanks or pools in ancient Sri Lanka is the pair of pools known as “Kuttam Pokuna” (Twin Ponds/Pools). Kuttam Pokuna was built by the Sinhalese in the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura. More

Kiribath Vehera

Kiribath Vihara is a Buddhist religious place which is largely in ruins. The remains of Kiribath Vihara shows that it is 30 feet (10 m) in height and the circumference is 425 feet (130 m). In close proximity to Kiribath Vihara are the ruins of an image house. More

Naka Vihara

Naka Vihara is a square-shaped stupa built of bricks now mostly in ruins. Naka Vihara is constructed according to an unusual model and would have been similar to the 7 storeyed building (Satmahal Prasadaya) in Polonnaruwa. More

Sela Cetiya

Sela Cetiya is one of the 16 main places of worship and is situated to the west of Jetavanaramaya. Sela Cetiya was constructed by King Lajjitissa who ruled in the first century BC. The diameter of the base of Sela Cetiya stupa is 37½ feet (11.4 m). More

Dakkhina Stupa

Dakkhina Stupa is a 2nd century BC stupa built over the cremated ashes of King Dutugemunu. The Bhikkhus of the Sagalika sect resided here. More

Rathna Prasadaya

Rathna Prasadaya was built by Kng Kanittha Tissa who ruled Ceylon from 167-186 AD. The bhikkhus of the Tapovana belonging to the Pansakulika sect resided at Rathna Prasadaya. The Queen’s Palace, containing the largest and the most beautiful moonstones, is near Ratna Prasadaya. More


Vessagiri, or Vesagiriya, is a series of stone rocks and caves that are part of the ruins of Anuradhapura. Vessagiri rocks are located about half a mile south of Isurumuniya, in a mountainous region. More

Magul Uyana

The ancient Magul Uyana (Gardens) is situated close to Isurumuni Vihara and Tissawewa in the Ancient Sacred city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Magul Uyana has remains of small cells, seats made of stone steps, taps of aesthetic sense and various ponds. More


Lankarama is a stupa built by King Valagamba, in an ancient place at Galhebakada in the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. The ruins of Lankarama show that there are rows of stone pillars and it is no doubt that there has been a house built encircling the stupa (vatadage) to cover it. More

Aukana Buddha

Aukana Buddha, about 50 km south of Anuradhapura, is a 13 meter high statue carved out of solid granite that dates back to the 5th century. More

Mirisaveti Stupa

Mirisaveti Stupa was built by King Dutugamunu after defeating King Elara in the city of Anuradhapura. Mirisaveti Stupa has been renovated by the cultural triangle fund and stands in an area of 50 acres. More


Jetavanarama is a stupa enshrining a part of a sash tied by the Buddha, located in the ruins of Jetavana Monastery in the sacred city of Anuradhapuara. Jetavanarama is believed to the largest stupa in the world with a volume of 233,000 m 3 and a height of 120 m. More