Ariyapala Mask Museum

Ariyapala Mask Museum is a small museum with some interesting stuff related to the traditional masks of Ambalangoda, including books on these masks, and the legends of exorcism. The masks and puppet shows of Ambalangoda have been a popular tradition here that has been practised by local population for thousands of years. There are wide varieties of masks and puppets in this museum that are of great interest for travelers.

Sailatalarama Vihara

Sailatalarama Vihara is a Buddhist temple located on a hill at a distance of 7 km from Ambalangoda. Tourists should visit Sailatalarama Vihara for its 35m long sleeping Buddha statue and the scenic view of surrounding plantations and lakes.

Madu Ganga

Madu Ganga is a river that flows along the coastline between Ambalangoda and Iduruwa. Boat tours through the river provides an enriching experience for travellers passing through lagoons and greenery, and admiring the flora and fauna. A boat tour through Madu Ganga is organized for around Rs. 2500 for 1-2 hours.

Ambalangoda Beach

ambalangoda-beach-2Ambalangoda has a beautiful stretch of sandy beach located to the north of town. The beach is free of commercial activities and therefore, travellers looking of activities like water sports etc. should visit the nearby Hikkaduwa beach.