Minneriya National Park Travel Guide

Minneriya National Park Tourism

Minneriya National Park Tourism

About Minneriya National Park

Minneriya National park is located in the northern provice of Sri Lanka, about 182 kms from Colombo, spread in an area of 8990 hectares. The main tourist attraction of Minneriya national park is the wildlife area around Minneriya tank that is frequented by elephants in the surrounding areas. Minneriya tank was created by King Mahasen in 3rd century AD. Minneriya is also an important bird sanctuary of Sri Lanka, with around 160 species of birds.

The main traveller attraction of Minneriya National park are the large numbers of Sri Lanka elephants that range between 150 to 200. The other wildlife tourist attractions in Minneriya are monkeys, Sambar deer, leopard and sloth bear.

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