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Mihintale Tourism

Mihintale Tourism

About Mihintale

Mihintale is an important tourist destination in Sri Lanka, especially for pilgrimage travellers. Mihintale is a mountain peak, located 13 km from Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka that is believed to be the meeting point where Buddhist monk Mahinda and king Devanampiyatissa, who introduced Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Mihintale has several religious tourist attractions and some old ruined monuments.

Mihintale has been a residential area for monks for a long period, with multiple monastic buildings, stupas, and cave dwellings. Mihintale is holds an important position among Sri Lankan Buddhists, as this is the place from where Buddhism originated in Sri Lanka.

Travellers visiting tourist attractions in Mihintale needs to do lot of walking and climibing around the mountain peak. Mihintale is also famous for the Poson Poya festivan that is held on the Poson full moon night (usually in June).

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