Kaudulla National Park Travel Guide

Kaudulla National Park Tourism

Kaudulla National Park Tourism

About Kaudulla National Park

Kaudulla national park is the new national park of Sri Lanka that was opened in the year 2002. Spread in an area of around 6500 hectares, Kaudulla national park is a wildlife habitat located around the ancient Kaudulla tank. Kuadulla tank was built by King Mahasen as one of the 16 irrigation tanks in Sri Lanka. Kaudulla tank is the main feeding point for the animals in the surrounding area, supporting the flora and fauna in the region.

Kaudulla national park has recorded 24 species of mammals, 25 species of reptiles, and 160 species of birds. Best period for tourists to visit Kaudulla national park is during the dry season around month of september, when 100s of elephants move from surrounding areas to the Kaudulla tank in search of water. Other wildlife attractions in Kaudulla national park are sloth bear, Sri Lankan Axis deer, Sri Lankan Sambar deer, wild boar, and Sri Lankan elephants.

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