Horton Plains

Horton Plains, the highest plateau of the island and the only National Park situated in the hilly area of the country, about 200 km away from Colombo in Nuwara Eliya district. Famous among tourists for its panoramic scenic beauty of the Hill country, the park’s major attraction is “Worlds End”- a 1050m spectacular drop, where the southern Horton Plains suddenly ends, that creates a breathtaking view of the land below on clear days. This is a favorite place for trekkers, as there are plenty of soft and hard trails. Horton Plains is the only National Park in Sri Lanka in which visitors are allowed to walk to identify the impressive bird life. To see the wildlife and to view World’s End, it is essential to visit in early morning before mists close in.

Flora – About 744 species of flowering plants has been identified in the area out of which 112 species are endemic, and 78 species are identified to be endangered. Being a grassland more than 50 species of grass has been identified, majority of which are endemic.

Fauna – Out of 460 species of birds recorded to be found in Sri Lanka, more than 100 species are confined to Horton Plains, out of which 12 are endemic species. More than 10 species of mammals could be seen in the area, and apart from these, some species of reptiles, amphibians, Dull-blue Flycatcher, Sri Lanka White-eye, and Yellow-eared Bulbul and butterflies could be seen in the area.

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