Hindu Shrines

Kandy has four Hindu shrines dedicated to Gods Vishnu and Natha and Goddess Patthini in Kandy. Three of them are located adjacent to the Temple of Tooth, while the fourth one is towards the town. One of them, the Natha Devale, an architectural delight of 14 th century, is Kandy’s oldest shrine built by stone.

These shrines are –

Natha Devale shrine with its presiding divinity the Mahayana Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara
Maha Devale or the shrine of Visnu, one of the Brahmanical Triad
Shrine of Kataragama or Skauda, son of Siva of the Hindu Triad
Shrine of the female Divinity Pattini, well known for curing infectious diseases.
All four temples are provided with small scale Buddhist monasteries, indicating the syncretistic nature of the respective shrines.

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