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Hikkaduwa Tourism

Hikkaduwa Tourism

About Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa is a small town on the south coast of Sri Lanka, located in the southern province. Hikkaduwa is a famous surfer’s destination that is frequented by foreign tourists all round the year. Hikkaduwa transformed from a simple fishing village to an international tourism destination in the sixties. Today, backpackers, travellers and package tourists alike favor the beach party atmosphere of Hikkaduwa created by the surfing scene.

For tourists interested in Water sports, Hikkaduwa is best for diving and snorkelling from November to April when the visibility is good. This beach holiday destination is also known for its marine sanctuary, which was established in 1988, that provides access to the water underworld to all tourists whether they can dive or not. Adventure lovers can enjoy snorkeling in the shallow waters just 200m off the sea shore, and can come across a number of brightly colored fish that float just few meters from the sea shore. Hikkaduwa also provides travellers with opportunity to take diving course and become a PADI qualified diver. This beach holiday destination is also known for its vibrant night-life. There are also boat tours available with glass bottoms to enjoy the fantastic view of coral reefs off shore.

History of Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa, a town nestled on the south coast of Sri Lanka is located in the Southern Province, about twenty kilometers to the South-West of Galle. It is a renowned tourist destination, famed for its beaches and corals, situated in the Galle District. Hikkaduwa – derives its name from ‘Ship Kaduwa.’ Ship, shortened for the word Shilpaya, means knowledge or skill in Sinhala, the national language of Sri Lanka and the word kaduwa means sword.

Hence, the joint combination of the two words means ‘Sword of Knowledge.’ Another popular belief is that the word derived from Hikkaduwas association with coral. It was Sir Arthur C Clark who made these corals world famous through his writings. He has made Sri Lanka his home and has been living here for over fifty years.

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