Gangatilake Stupa

gangatilake stupaGangatilaka Vihara, built in 1960s to the south of the Kalutara Bridge, is Kalutara’s most dominant landmark. This attractive white dagoba is believed to be the only one Buddha Stupa in the world which is entirely hollow. Gangatilaka Vihara contains a smaller dagoba inside. The interior of the Stupa is beautifully decorated with the paintings of the Jataka tales about the life of the Buddha. Gangatilaka Vihara is a lively complex and a good place to watch the daily rituals of Sri Lankan Buddhism.

It also marks the point at which Sri Lanka’s fourth largest river – Kalu Ganga – divides the place into its northern ( Mahawaskaduwa) and southern ( Katukurunda) areas.

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