Ahangama Travel Guide

Ahangama Midigama Tourism

Ahangama Midigama Tourism

Ahangama beach is a very beautiful tourist spot for travelers to enjoy the sand and sun, away from crowd and commercialization. Ahangama is mostly visited by surfers and local population who are looking a day away from crowds. The beaches of Ahangama and Midigama are great for surfers, but the facilities available here are average. There is more than a 5 Km is stretch here that provides some great breaks for surfing. The best period surfing is from October to March, when the surf-breaks are quiet consistent. There are also some areas with surf-breaks on this stretch, which is safe for beginners. The important beach breaks here are the Rock (Kabalana), Lazy Left (Midigama), Rhams and Plantation. The whole stretch around Ahangama that extends till Galle and Hikkaduwa, have some amazing surf-breaks.

Ahangama beach is located about 140 Km from Colombo, lying between Galle and Matara on the Southern Coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Ahangama is also popular for a unique type of fishing technique that is called Silt fishing, wherein anglers sitting on a wedge of wood in the sea do fishing. Another popular tourist attraction nearby is the Turtle Farm and Hatchery, where visitors will find various breeds of baby turtles.

There are a few hotels and resorts near the beach that are more than enough for the limited number of tourists that mostly visit Ahangama-Midigama for surfing.

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